Neely + Andrew Maternity

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Neely and Andrew… Man, this was a FUN session!
Neely and my personalities are a lot alike, so basically this session felt like I was with one of my best friends. She let me be as creative as I wanted to be, and really, Andrew was just along for the ride.
When Neely first contacted me, I remember my husband and I were out on a date night, and I got her instant message and I thought..Ummm should I answer this? haha but I’m glad I did. At first, she needed to speak with her husband before fully scheduling with me, which was completely fine. I gave her a few days, maybe a week…I can’t remember, before following up with her to see if they had made their decision.
Once the decision was made, we began making plans. She knew she wanted foliage in her session, so I drove out to a local business that had just opened their property up to photographers to get some pictures for her to see if she wanted that location. She didn’t, which was completely fine. We were trying for Tanyard Creek, in Bella Vista, however, the week of her session I went out there and it was slim picking on the foliage, so we decided to have her session at Crystal Bridges.
In the weeks before her session, we went back and forth, had a zoom meeting, and a meeting for her to try on the dress she’s wearing, to figure out what dress she would wear. Unfortunately, my vendor didn’t have the color she was wanting for the session, however, she was perfectly happy to wear my Chicaboo gown in Copper. I think Neely loved how versatile this gown was and the coloring as well.
Either way, cream gown or not, Neely rocked this dress and it’s color definitely popped with the fall foliage around us.
Throughout the session, we were joking around, dancing, talking about the art on the property, and so much more. At the end of her session, we spoke about newborn photography sessions and the difference between all the options I had for her.
Honestly, I can’t wait to meet her little guy when he gets here. Come on December 24!