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newborn baby on cream backdrop sleeping with her head on her hands

newborn posed on belly on white backdrop with angel wings on her back

Natalie R. | Newborn Photography

The Designing Appointment

After Ashley’s maternity viewing appointment we began to design Natalie’s newborn photography session that was coming up quickly. With choices from baskets, little bows, wraps, and backdrops, Ashley had a lot to pick from with me.

Ashley knew that with Natalie being a sweet rainbow babe, that she wanted to incorporate angel wings she had purchased from Amazon for her session. This wasn’t a problem at all, as this is something I had done before for another miracle baby newborn photography session. When going through the backdrops available to Ashley for her newborn photography session, she decided to go with a color scheme of neutrals – more of a cream, white, and light tan color pallet. At the time of her design appointment, I didn’t have a lot of the baskets that I have currently, however, there was a beautiful rainbow baby bed that came in just in time for Natalie’s newborn photography session.

The night before Natalie’s newborn photography session, I decided to do a timelapse of me prepping, making notes, and getting ready for her newborn photography session. As you can see, I prepped tons of neutrals, the rainbow basket, the newborn photography bucket, a simple wrapped setup.

The Session

Natalie arrived for her session wide-eyed and ready to rock and roll. It did take her just a little bit to get really prepared for her newborn photography session, as we needed to change her to a clean diaper, strip her down so that we could wrap her properly, and feed her until she was milk drunk. After we got Natalie fully ready for her newborn photography session, I began with wrapping her up in a nice gray wrap that went well with my theme of the rainbow baby bed. For the rainbow baby bed, I took one of my rainbow wraps and stuffed them between the rainbow arches in the bed to really create the rainbow effect. Then, I wrapped Natalie in her gray wrap and posed her to really accentuate that she was a rainbow baby. Once we were done with the rainbow bed prop, I moved on to a simple criss-cross newborn photography wrap to capture Natalie’s littlest of details. I chose a white backdrop with a white wrap to match. When taking images of her toes, I used a newborn photography felted heart and stuck it between her little feet so that I could really have sweet images for her momma. After the criss-cross newborn photography wrap, I moved on to the newborn photography bucket posing. With this pose, I used some of my favorite bucket huggers for her. I was able to use a watercolor rainbow color, as well as a dainty white lace pattern to make it very feminine and sweet for her. Once I was done posing with the newborn photography bucket, I moved on to the posed newborn photography poses.

This beginning of the posing portion was a little rough because Natalie just wanted to eat. We ended up giving her so much milk she finally got milk drunk for just long enough. I posed her in froggy, timber, and head-on hands. After moving her to go into a side-lying pose, she decided to lose it and just wouldn’t pose anymore. However, at that point, it had been 3 hours and I knew she was just over it. So instead of forcing her into another position, I let her rest and go home with her momma.

The Ordering Appointment

Ashley came in for her ordering appointment and just couldn’t resist all of her daughter’s images. She purchased the custom 3xm image box in white and added 2 additional images to it from her maternity session to make it the 30 images. She also wanted to order her parents and her husband’s parents their newborn photography image box, so we added 4 custom walnut image boxes that housed each image from the newborn photography session. Ashley came in to pick up Natalie’s order and was absolutely in love with the way everything turned out. She loved the white box with the peek-a-boo image to make the image box look that much nicer than the other custom box available to my clients, as well as the custom etching of Natalie’s name and birth details.

newborn baby on cream backdrop sleeping with her head on her handsnewborn photography session on white backdrop with purple heart being held by baby's feetnewborn in bucket with white cover on it, wearing a white bow, while sleeping

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