Jeanette | Cave Springs Maternity

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Pregnant mom standing in wooded area holding baby belly in green dress

Jeanette | Cave Springs Maternity

Jeanette came to me wanting a Cave Springs maternity session because she never had a maternity or newborn session for her first child, her son. When she first reached out I let her know my starting prices and asked if I was within her budget and if so, then I would want her to come in for a complimentary consultation to make sure I was the right Cave Springs maternity photographer for her. She let me know that she wanted to come in and talk everything over.

Design | Cave Springs Maternity

Jeanette came in for her consultation and decided that she wanted to move forward with my services, so we began to design her Cave Springs maternity session. She tried on a few dresses and decided that my light green Chicaboo dress, was the dress that she wanted to wear for her Cave Springs maternity session. When designing her Cave Springs maternity session, she asked if she could do half in the studio and half outdoors for her session. I told her that I didn’t see an issue in that, however traveling would be included in her session time, so if we were to go outside after her in-studio session, that it would need to be close to optimize her time, which she agreed to. She also let me know that she had a dress for her studio portion of the session so she didn’t have to wear the dress in my client closet the entire time.

Session | Cave Springs Maternity

The day of Jeanette’s Cave Springs maternity session came and it ended up being a rather rainy day. I messaged her and let her know that the outdoor portion of the session could be rescheduled, or we could reschedule the entire session for a better day weather-wise. She stated that she wanted to keep the same day as scheduled for her indoor shoot, and then she wanted to reschedule her outdoor portion. I agreed to this as the next day that we scheduled for outside was an absolutely gorgeous day in Cave Springs. Her in-studio session we stuck with a lighter backdrop and the curtain backdrop with her being backlit. This worked really well, as she liked most of the images. For her outdoor Cave Springs maternity session, we went to the Illinois River watershed in Cave Springs, AR. We met in the parking lot and walked back to the trail I felt would be best for them. Because of the amount of rain we received prior to that week, the big lawn area at the watershed was still not close to being dry, so when we stepped down on the lawn we got very muddy, however, I made the best of it and didn’t have her move as much as possible so that she wouldn’t get messy. Jeanette’s Cave Springs maternity sessions was one of my favorites and it also introduced me to now one of my favorite locations that I offer to my clients for their Cave Springs maternity sessions.

Ordering | Cave Springs Maternity

During Jeanette’s ordering appointment, she did hold off until she was also ordering the newborn photography images. This I feel like this made it hard for her to really focus on picking the images she loved, as she was focused on how much she was spending on her newborn images. I tried to keep her focused on the Cave Springs maternity images, however, she kept asking to let her see the newborn images to pick them before she picked her maternity images. I didn’t want to argue or make her feel uncomfortable, so I went ahead and did as she asked me to do. She wanted to have prints done, however, I don’t think she talked through pricing with her husband, as he wasn’t at the original consultation when I went over all pricing information, so Jeanette decided to do just digital images for now and potentially get wall art later down the road of her Cave Springs maternity session.

Pregnant woman cradling her belly under trees on a trail in Cave SpringsCave Springs maternity photography session focusing on baby belly with mom cradling her bellyPregnant couple expecting new baby girl while standing next to a beautiful watershed area. Mom is wearing a light green dress while cradling her belly and dad is holding her and looking down at belly