Whisler Family | NWA Family Photography

Brother and sister hugging on cream colored backdrop while smiling at camera

Family lovingly staring at eachother for their NWA family photography session in Cave Springs, AR

Whisler Family | NWA Family Photography

Kristina came to me originally in April for her NWA family photography session. She really wanted to focus on her children’s images and get them as a birthday gift to her husband. After some back and forth, I finally got on the phone with Kristina so we could talk about her NWA family photography session. She told me her thoughts about what she wanted, her plans, and ultimately how she just wanted me to do my thing and get some great images of her children.

Planning | NWA Family Photography

Once I knew what Kristina was thinking for her NWA family photography session, I began browsing my preferred vendor’s websites for girl clothes. She let me know that her daughter was 2, however she wore 3t-4t clothes. Knowing the backdrop that I would be using for her children as well as the outfits that I have in my client closet for little boys, I decided to go with a vanilla romper for her little girl. This matched her little boy’s outfit perfectly, as well as providing a very monochromatic setup that I absolutely adore for NWA family photography.

Session | NWA Family Photography

Leading up to the session, I knew that I had ordered Elle’s romper with a very short turnaround time, as Kristina wanted to have her NWA family photography session done as soon a possible. I let her know when I received the shipment notification, that at that moment, it was saying it would be delivered after the original session scheduled date. Kristina was a little bummed, however, we decided to go ahead and keep the date, just in case the package decided to arrive earlier than planned, which really happens a lot of the time with USPS. After watching the romper leave Texas and head towards NWA for the NWA family photography session, I began having a feeling that the romper would arrive just in time. After waiting a few days, the package arrived a day before the session. I was so happy to let Kristina know that her NWA family photography session could still take place at the original date requested. When the Whisler’s arrived, they were so excited about their session, even though their kiddos just had a meltdown in the car. From what I heard, they accidentally fell asleep in the car and weren’t quite ready to wake up yet, even though it was 6:00 PM. Elle and Emerson were absolutely dolls throughout their entire NWA family photography session. Nothing but smiles, cooperation, and fun between these two. I decided to take turns with each child for their session. I started with Emerson by putting him by himself on the backdrop, then added in a fun fur rug, then closed out with a bed that was delivered the day before as well. After Emerson was done with his portion, I brought Elle in to have the siblings done together. They were absolutely adorable! Elle was so sweet and calm with her little brother and did exactly what I asked of her the entire time. Once I was done with the sibling images, I took Emerson out of the images and had Elle on her own. She was loving it. Twirling, dancing, and nothing but smiles. After I got done with the children, we decided to leave the studio and go to Cave Springs for the rest of their NWA family photography session.

It was ridiculously hot for their NWA family photography outdoor session, however, we got it done as quickly as we could with the images still looking awesome. I took the Whister’s to the Illinois River Watershed Park in Cave Springs, Arkansas, and had them on a trail under the trees so that it would be cooler for their NWA family photography session. I decided to do a couple of images of just the kiddos by themselves outdoors, then we moved to family images as a group. Once I was done with the family images, I went ahead and got each parent with each child on their own. Once we were done, I let Kristina know that she should be receiving an email from me to schedule their viewing and ordering appointment back at the studio.

Ordering | NWA Family Photography

Because of not having a proper consultation with Kristina, I wasn’t able to convey the full cost of the session to her, which was something I should have done to begin with. About a day before the ordering appointment, I remembered that I had forgotten to give her the client folder of information that I give all of my clients for their NWA family photography sessions. So, I sent her the pricing information via email, however, I never send it via email to clients, as they always come in for an in-person consultation. Kristina and her husband came in for their viewing and ordering appointment for their NWA family photography session, and they were ecstatic with the images that they were seeing. It was truly hard for them to dwindle down to a package they were comfortable with of digital images. I helped guide them through by having them see and pick all the images they liked first, then showing them similar images side by side so they could pick their favorites from there. They picked 15 images that they wanted to keep, that were a good array of children only, children together, family, and parents with children images. After the delivery of their digital images, Kristina let me know how grateful she was for those images and that she absolutely loved them.

Toddler standing on cream colored backdrop with matching romper looking at camera

Infant in bamboo bed looking at the camera smiling on a cream colored backdrop

Brother and sister hugging on cream colored backdrop while smiling at camera

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