Natalie A. | Newborn Photography

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newborn on pink backdrop with head resting on hands during newborn photography session

Natalie A. | Newborn Photography

Natalie’s mom came to me for both a maternity and newborn photography session. Jeanette, Natalie’s mom, didn’t have maternity or newborn done with her first child, so she decided that she wanted to have that done with her second.

The Consultation/Design Appointment

Natalie came to the consultation appointment to speak about the maternity and newborn photography session with her sister as her support. We talked about all that I could offer her and then started to design the newborn photography session she wanted. Jeanette decided that she wanted to have family images done, as well as sibling images with Natalie’s older brother. The color pallet she chose was light pinks and grays, however, whenever I went to pull the fabrics for her newborn photography session, I decided on only pinks because I didn’t feel like I had any gray’s that would accent Natalie well during her session. For Natalie’s newborn photography session, I decided to do a potato pose, bucket pose, a round basket with head on hands pose, head on hands pose, bum up pose, side lay pose, and egg wrap pose.

The Session

Jeanette and her family arrived a little late for their session, however, that wasn’t a problem. Natalie was honestly the best baby in the studio. We started off with family posing, then moved directly into sibling posing. For siblings, I decided to get a close-up of Natalie and her brother when momma was holding Natalie. This let me get a really cute smile out of Natalie’s older brother. Once we were done with that pose, I moved into doing the classic sibling laying on flokati pose. For this newborn photography pose, I decided to use a perfect light gray flokati from Luneberry props. After this pose, I moved into bucket pose so had Mateo really close into his sister smiling. Once the sibling newborn photography poses were finished, I had Mateo go and play on the opposite side of the studio so that I could continue with Natalie without interruption. I began flowing through the newborn photography pose flow that I have and moved from bucket to potato to head on hands in a sweet little bucket from Hello Little Props. I was so excited to use this new basket/bucket as it’s such a rattan style and worked perfectly Natalie.

Once I was finished with the basket and prop poses with Natalie, I moved to the traditional newborn photography poses on my newborn table. Before I could fully get going with those though, Natalie did need a break from her session to eat. Natalie’s older brother was trying to wake her up and keep her awake before she came back to me which we told him he couldn’t do, because I needed her asleep for the rest of her session. I think he took that as a challenge because he wanted to help me the rest of the newborn photography session when I was posing her. He wanted to poke at her and make sure that she was just slightly awake the entire time, but thankfully his parents came in and told him to stop and explained that we needed Natalie asleep for her session, not only to get those cute newborn photography poses but to also keep her safe. Mateo then stopped and I was able to get the final two poses I needed for Natalie’s newborn photography session.

The Ordering Appointment

I knew going into the ordering appointment that it would be a rough one. Not because the images were bad, because really they were beautiful, but because Jeanette wanted to do both the maternity and newborn ordering appointments at the same time. They were on a budget, which is totally understandable, however, I believe Jeanette was hoping to not get as many images as she did. We went through the maternity images first, and she decided that it was super hard to pick and wanted to see the newborn. I switched gears really quick and got the newborn photography images pulled up and the slideshow going in no time. After seeing the newborn images, I think Jeanette had an even harder time picking which images she wanted to keep. Even though during the consultation appointment, I told her that it would be super hard and that no parent picks just 5 images for their newborn photography session. After about an hour of going back and forth on the images she wanted, the collections, and the options available to her, Jeanette finally decided on 7 images for her maternity session and 10 images for her newborn photography session to keep as her final images. At the end of the appointment, she did tell me she didn’t realize it would be that hard to choose images from these sessions, but she was super happy and satisfied with the images she’s received.

newborn on pink textured backdrop in a sleeping pose during newborn photography sessionbrother holding wrapped little sister on gray flokati rug during newborn photography sessionnewborn on white wood floor posed in a bamboo basket during newborn photography sessionmom holding newborn baby girl with husband and baby's little brother huddled next to them smiling during a newborn photography session